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Transforming Research

Our planet never stops, so neither can we.

The world is constantly shifting, with new challenges and opportunities arising every day. Yesterday’s solutions may no longer be effective in today’s rapidly changing environment. Learn more about how Northwestern transforms research, which in turn transforms the world.

Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration & Research in Astrophysics (CIERA)

CIERA is at the heart of a thriving community of Northwestern researchers who work at the interface between astronomy, scientific education, and leadership. Using modern telescopes, advanced computer technologies, and innovative data science CIERA is building bridges between people and the technology of tomorrow.  Learn more about CIERA.

Center for Synthetic Biology

Drawing on tools and concepts from biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, and social science, CSB researchers build new biological systems to tackle societal challenges such as providing sustainable manufacturing, advanced materials, and targeted therapeutics. Learn more about the Center for Synthetic Biology.

Chemistry of Life Processes Institute

Home to the researchers who discovered the blockbuster drug Lyrica®, CLP is a world leader in protein science and drug discovery. CLP is using its unique capabilities for protein-informed drug discovery and diagnostic development to advance the detection and treatment of ALS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, kidney disease, transplant rejection, and other health conditions. Learn more about the Institute.

Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

IPR empowers, connects, and promotes Northwestern’s leading social science scholars to conduct breakthrough research that informs policymakers and policy influencers on some of the nation’s most pressing social issues—poverty, crime, economic opportunity, education, and inequality, among others. Learn more about IPR.

Paula M. Trienens Institute for Sustainability and Energy

Trienens Institute researchers advance global sustainability and energy solutions through transformational research, interdisciplinary education, and public engagement. The Institute’s University-wide charter leverages interdisciplinary collaboration across engineering, natural and social sciences, business, law, public health, and more.  Its work amplifies Northwestern’s capacity for scaled discovery in topics pertaining to climate and the energy transition, and resilient communities.  Learn more about the Trienens Institute.

Program of African Studies

PAS is the oldest program of its kind in the United States. PAS operates an inclusive praxis to ensure an academic practice that re-centers Africans, African American, and other Black communities in the scholarship and knowledge production of and from Africa. Learn more about the Program.