Research Metrics Dashboard to Deliver More Data Than Ever

Transparent look at Northwestern Research provides critical insights

A newly launched initiative is telling the story of Northwestern Research as never before.

A specially designed dashboard now offers a transparent view of the integrated services that support and enable Northwestern’s research enterprise. Faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and students from within the University, as well as members of the external community, can access this information.

Through its 17 administrative units, Northwestern Research facilitates a myriad of scholarly investigation at the University. The new dashboard organizes key metrics from 14 areas, demonstrating the portfolio of expert services and resources available to the Northwestern research community, as well as the scope of these activities. 

“Using numbers and trends, the dashboard is designed to tell a broad audience a visually compelling story of Northwestern Research units, and to provide increased visibility and transparency to Northwestern’s community,” says Fruma Yehiely, associate vice president for research. “Our long-term goal is to leverage the dashboard for enabling informed, strategic business decisions both at the unit’s level and at the integrated level of Northwestern Research.”

The dashboard initiative is an outcome of one of the annual Northwestern Research Leadership Retreats, a day-long workshop that brings together all unit directors to brainstorm strategic planning. A project team that included members of Research Strategic Planning and Coordination, Information Technology, and Research Communications began the process of building a metric portal with functional architecture and a user-centric layout. Members of the team met with directors from each of the 17 Northwestern Research units to determine which metrics would be presented.

“Developing a centralized location for these metrics allows our partners in the research community an opportunity to quickly see the scale and scope of the significant efforts essential to the support of our thriving research ecosystem,” says Nick Angeloni, director of strategic planning and coordination. “We hope that the dashboard serves to not only illustrate the diversity of activities taking place in the units of Northwestern Research but also help our stakeholders better understand the volume of work required for Northwestern to maintain its leadership position as a top notch research institution.”

The second-phase of the project — expected in 2019 — will allow for data to be updated in real time.

View the dashboard here. We invite you to share any feedback about the dashboard to Angeloni at

By Roger AndersonDecember 17, 2018